Coffee Facts


Tips for Making the Perfect Cup

  1. First, freshness counts!! Green coffee beans have a very long shelf life, but after a bean is roasted, the full flavor begins to wane after 1-2 weeks so make sure you have freshly roasted beans. At Kornerstone Coffee, our beans are roasted the day before market. That means you are receiving the freshest beans possible with 100% flavor.

  2. Second, leave the bean intact for as long as possible. And when you do grind them, make sure you use the correct grind for the brewing method you are using in order to get the most flavor out of the bean. In general you can use the rule of thumb, "faster water infusion requires finer grind." For example, if you use an espresso machine, the water is only in contact with the coffee for a brief time and thus requires a fine grind. Conversely, in filter brewing and the jug method the water comes in contact with the coffee for a longer time. Thus, a coarser grind is recommended. At all of Kornerstone Coffee's market and by delivery, we can grind the beans for you. Ask our market representatives to recommend the best grind for your brewing method - Kornerstone can help!!

  3. Third, make sure your water is fresh and cool. Tap water works, but a good filtered water is better so that the chlorine and other insolubles are omitted. Be sure to let the water run for a few seconds to ensure the proper temperature.

  4. Fourth, the method is up to you and depends on your preference. Percolators have become less popular since they actually boil the coffee, thus removing some of the flavor and aroma and perhaps accentuating the bitterness. Some people prefer the french press or open jug method as it does not require a paper filter, which can add a flavor to the coffee. But many have found success with the filtered drip machines. Whatever your method of choice, make sure you get a good machine that does not boil the coffee. At Kornerstone Coffee, we use a high-quality auto drip machine to brew the perfect cup of coffee for you to drink as you stroll through the market.

  5. Fifth, drink soon after brewing. Again, freshness counts. The aroma and flavor of the coffee have peaked immediately after brewing so try to enjoy right away. At all of our markets, we brew our coffee continuously throughout the day and store in airtight, insulated carafes. So you can always expect the perfect cup of coffee from Kornerstone!!

Coffee Trivia

  1. 1.The coffee plant originated in Ethiopia. There are no accurate dates available for when the first plants were used for making a beverage.

  2. 2.Although the coffee plant began in Ethiopia, it was not until it came to Yemen in around 6th century AD that it was cultivated and propagated as a consumable crop. From there it spread around the world.

  3. 3.In early times, coffee was thought to have medicinal benefits, including aiding the stomach and skin and, as deodorant had not yet been invented, gave a much needed pleasant smell to the entire body!

  4. 4.The first coffee houses were established in Mecca around 1500AD.

  5. 5.Monks and dervishes faithfully used coffee to aid them in staying awake through nightly prayers and rituals.

  6. 6.The coffee plant produces fruit, a "cherry" which, when ripe, turns from green to a bright red (or other hue, depending on the species).

  7. 7.Coffee cherries are harvested and left to dry so that the seed of the fruit (what we call the coffee bean) can be extracted.

  8. 8.The coffee bean, when extracted from its fruit, is of a green-ish hue. After roasting, it turns the deep brown color that we are used to seeing.

  9. 9.As of 2006, the top producer of coffee is Brazil at approx. 40 BILLION pounds of coffee per year. Following Brazil are Colombia and Vietnam.

  10. 10.Hawaii is the only U.S. producer of coffee.